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Here at Kingdom Kids, the safety and protection of your children is our top priority. We provide a secure and comfortable space for your children to learn, grow and play.

Our Child Safety Policy:

The following policies reflect our commitment to provide protective care of all children, volunteers, and staff who participate in church sponsored activities.  The following child safety procedures will be enforced and monitored on a continuous basis.


  1. All paid staff and volunteer teachers and aides will fill out a screening form for PBPC to do a background check before working with children (forms available through the Office Manager).

  2. Prior to becoming involved in children and youth ministries, a youth or adult volunteer must be established in the church community of PBPC for 6 months.  This policy pertains to continuous service by volunteers.  It does not apply to seasonal or on call help or volunteers.  However, an established volunteer must be present in such instances.

  3. Classrooms may be visited by church staff and/or parent at any time without prior notice.

  4. Young children should be escorted to the restroom by an adult. Adult will wait outside; children should not be in the restroom alone with an adult unless it pertains to a child’s health and safety.  The adult will ask an adult in an adjoining class to watch both classes for a brief time.  If another adult is not present, adult will ask an older child to accompany the younger child to the restroom.

  5. Young children will ordinarily be released to a parent.  Any exceptions will require the parent’s written permission on a form for previously authorized adults. The adult must present a picture I.D. e.g. Driver’s License. If an adult not on the authorization form comes to pick up a child, the parent must give prior verbal or written permission.  This person also must show a photo I.D. 

  6. Parents must give prior written or verbal permission if someone other than themselves comes to pick up their child participating in a youth activity.

  7. Discipline will be gentle, loving and firm. 

  8. Incidents that lead to harm or injury to a child will be documented.

  9. Persons who are known to have committed previous acts of sexual misconduct or have been convicted of either child sexual or physical abuse or have sustained allegations of abuse in juvenile court are strictly prohibited from serving as leaders or volunteer workers with children.

  10. Youth and adult volunteers observe the “two adult” rule. This means that adults are not alone with children without an adult partner. If two adults are married, then a third adult unrelated to the married couple should be added to the team during any church activity. All efforts will be made to provide both male and female volunteer presence at all times.

  11. Child abuse and neglect are against the law in California.  Volunteers and staff members who suspect a child has been abused or neglected must immediately report any such behaviors to the Pastor, a mandatory reporter.  If the pastor is unavailable then report to the Director of Children and Youth Ministries.  They will report to the Pastor.

  12. We will provide once a year, and require attendance at, staff training that will include appropriate staff behavior, laws and regulations, understanding abuse, indicators of abuse, and staff responsibilities.

  13. An emergency evacuation plan has been developed and training will be conducted on an annual basis.  Evacuation instructions are posted throughout the education building.

  14. All off-campus events will require that a consent form and medical release form be completed by a parent or legal guardian and must accompany child on event.  These forms are available from the church office.

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